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Who are we?


We know that when it comes to parenting, it can sometimes feel like fathers are second best. At Nickajack, we believe that fathers are just as important in their children's lives as mothers.


Research has shown that FATHER INVOLVEMENT in a child's education is the #1 INFLUENCER for that child doing better in school.


At Nickajack, we don't pressure fathers to take a backseat; we push them to the forefront! "FBI Dads" is the outreach program to create a community of involved fathers, keeping them engaged and interacting at the school and with their children to:

  • Increase intellect;
  • Boost confidence;
  • Give children someone to look up to;
  • Provide a different perspective; and
  • Feel the LOVE!


What are we doing?


Our mission is to give fathers --and father figures --of Nickajack Elementary School the opportunity to make a positive impact by having an active presence in our school and our community










Where can I do some research?

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