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Why We Need YOU!

At Nickajack, we believe that you, the father, are just as important in your children's lives as their mother. You are a critical factor in the success of your kids AND the success Nickajack too. 

Research has shown that FATHER INVOLVEMENT in a child's education is the #1 INFLUENCER for that child doing better in school.

"FBI Dads" is our outreach program to create a community of involved fathers, keeping them engaged and interacting at the school and with their children.
Father involvement has been proven to:

Increase intellect;
Boost confidence;
Give children someone to look up to;
Provide a different perspective; and
Feel the LOVE!


Who is invited?


We know that families come in different forms... any Parent or Guardian is invited to participate. If a Father is unable to attend, another role model is welcome!  Ask Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, Neighbors and Friends.  Email or one of our school Counselors if you would like your student to be connected with another FBI Dad!  Our school is proud to show our diversity and all families are welcome.



How YOU can help!
Join FBI Dads! It's easy, it's fun, and you and your kid(s) will love the energy and interaction.
Our mission is to give fathers - and father figures - of Nickajack Elementary School an active presence in our school and our community.







Where can I do some research?

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