Our 2023-2024 PTA Board


 Shaun Black - Co-President - shaun@nickajackpta.com


Alicia Bellezza-Watts - Co-President - alicia@nickajackpta.com


John Sikes - Treasurer - john@nickajackpta.com


Heather Collins - Vice President (Communications) - heather@nickajackpta.com


Jenny Broome - Vice President (Family Engagement) - jennyb@nickajackpta.com


Barron Ford - Vice President (Diversity and Inclusion) - barron@nickajackpta.com


Alishia Farr - Vice President (Sponsorships)alishia@nickajackpta.com


Kristin Brothers - Vice President (School Initiative) - kristin@nickajackpta.com


Brittany Gurley - Secretary - brittany@nickajackpta.com


Ashley Palmer - Parliamentarian - ashley@nickajackpta.com



Not sure who to contact?


If you have questions about events, you can email events@nickajackpta.com


If you have a general question, you can email questions@nickajackpta.com


 Thank you! 


Front Row (L to R): Ashley Palmer, Kristin Brothers, Alicia Bellezza-Watts, Jenny Broome

Back Row (L to R): Heather Collins, Brittany Gurley, Barron Ford, Shaun Black

Not Pictured: John Sikes, Alishia Farr