PTA Clubs (A.S.E.P): Details for In-Session Clubs

When Clubs Are In Session:
  1. Instructors will email registered parents with additional club information prior to the club starting. 
  2. The PTA provides teachers with the list of students and what clubs they are registered for, however it is helpful to talk with your child on the morning of club day so that they are also aware.  
  3. Once the instructor takes attendance, our volunteers go to locate any child that is not in attendance. It is  helpful if you inform the club if your child will not be attending in advance. 


  • Car riders - you will be asked for your ID, so please have that ready. 
  • Club instructors will be using the approved pick up list as indicated in your PTA profile. If you need to make changes once the session has started, please contact the instructor directly and update your PTA profile for future reference. 
  • If you need to change your child's mode of transportation (ASP or Car Rider), please contact the instructor at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, your child will be sent to ASP or Car Rider as you indicated on the registration form at the time of registration.  
  • Car rider/walker pick up is at 3:30pm by the blue tables/cafeteria side in the back of the building. 
  • Your child must be signed up for ASP. Even if your child is a car rider, if you are running late, they will be checked into ASP.  You will need to have an ASP account and it must be in good standing. 
  • If your child is scheduled to go to ASP, they will be checked in and given a snack. You will be responsible for the ASP fee for that day. 
  • If you need to pick up your child in the middle of the club - please go to the ASP pick up on the bus port side of the building to have your child called for dismissal. 

Late Pick-Up: The ASEP clubs ends at 3:30 pm every day. Students that are not picked up timely will be taken to ASP and checked-in, at which point, parents are responsible for the enrollment fee for the day. Please be mindful that late pick-ups place unnecessary hardships and responsibilities on our staff.


If you are late picking up your child and we are unable to check in your child into ASP due to an ASP balance or you are not registered, we reserve the right to remove your child from the club until the ASP balance is paid and ASP registration is complete. This is for the safety of your child and our staff. 


Club Schedule: 

  • Clubs will run from 2:30-3:30
  • Your child will go from their homeroom classroom to the club instructor who will be located in the gym. 
  • Snacks are not provided in clubs  


  Questions? Please email